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How do I cancel my account?



  • Lifeskillscounseling

    please cancel my account

  • Afshan Kamran

    Please cancel my account hate the service cannot login there is no customer service to help. Please cancel my account.

  • sharon Silvus

    Let me join you I want to quit too!

  • sharon Silvus

    (There's an envelope in the upper right to unsubscribe.)

  • comptabilite

    Please cancel my account, was not able to login and fax.  


  • Stuart Hakoun

    There seems to be many people with this same problem but no one has posted a solution.  I just got my landline phone and can FAX directly from my All-in-One. There appears to be know provision on the site to be able to cancel a subscription. I will be billed in 3 days when my trial expires.  I just sent an email to support and hope to get a prompt reply.  I will post the results of my support request as soon as I get it.  

  • Stuart Hakoun

    Just clik on support and send an email requesting cancellation and it should be granted.  I was able to cancel my account that way!

  • milica virag

    This is the worst service ever.  I was charged $58 for nothing.  Never made one fax. I cancelled, or send an email to cancel with in 2 hours, and now 2 months later I am billed for what?  SOMEONE I WANT REFUND!!!!

  • Scott Stroder

    Cancel my account immediately/  If I am charged even a penny for the trouble that your lack of service, I will take action...

  • J DS

    I was charged $58 for nothing.  Never made one fax. I want to cancel this account.  HELP, I WANT REFUND!!!!

  • Mz Latisha007

    Hi everyone I just wanted to let everyone know I signed up for the free trial also and before theh charged my accountbi went on my account and submitted a request and asked to cancell my account andvi checked my email two minutes later and my account was closed so thats all y'all gata do it does suck there is no number but if you just submit a request to cancell and they dont respond keep doingnit. Hope that helps

  • Sandy Johnston

    Started out good.  Then no number for Customer Care when I was / am having problems.  Switched to EFAX ... they rock.  It may be a wee bit more expensive but... LESSON:  you get what you pay for and this Company needs to invest in a real phone line and REAL CUSTOMER CARE... Cancel now and do yourself a favor later

  • Winbushh

    Difficult to believe how unresponsive you are to problems with your software.  Following your support  procedures, I reported that I was unable to fax at approximately 10AM.  Then almost 12 hours later I get an email that the problem has been resolved, I make another attempt and the exact same problem exist so I complete another trouble ticket, and at this point still waiting for a response.  Considered driving around to find somewhere to fax my documents but, after reading how the above customers have similar frustrations with your service, decided to purchase another eFax service.  Since I paid for the year in advance I would also like a refund for the service I will not be using.

  • Ptlalwms37




  • allisonmack

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  • Delois Bryant

    please cancel my account; I can not get "help" or assistance! Thanks!

  • Grovrerys6Ra
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  • jackdawson002

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  • aaronwood456

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  • lukeoscar001

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  • Allison Mack


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  • williammckinley003

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  • marcle sha

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  • lukeoscar001

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  • Nilson Petrie

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